Man "Clobbers" 75-Year-Old Wal-Mart Greeter Over Unpaid Gatorade

A 75-year-old Wal-Mart greeter in Texas was "clobbered" in the face by an irate customer who was trying to leave the store with unpaid merchandise, according to The Smoking Gun

Police say that Mohindra Radhawa was working in a Houston suburb when he was assaulted by the 33 years younger Craig Valentine, 42. The criminal complaint states that Valentine was trying to leave the store with an 18 pack of Gatorade that wasn't on his receipt. 

Valentine argued with Radhawa, telling him "everything was paid for" and then grabbed the receipt out of Radhawa's hand while he was trying to manually check Valentine's items. After Radhawa insisted, Valentine "chest bumped" him and then clobbered him with a right hook that sent Radhawa to the ground.

The attack was captured on security camera and resulted in Radhawa having a bloody lip, a bump on his head and a bent pair of glasses.

Valentine then tried to claim to a Wal-Mart manage that he was the one who had been assaulted by Radhawa. Valentine reportedly apologized in a follow up call to the store. He was arraigned earlier this week on a felony charge of "causing injury to an elderly individual". He is free on $1000 bond.