Mayors Vow To Obstruct ICE During Sunday's Immigration Raids

Just as we anticipated, mayors of some of the cities that will be targeted in the mass immigration raids expected to begin on Sunday have already vowed to do everything in their power to stymie ICE. According to the Hill, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she would take "concrete steps" to support immigrant communities as the raids begin.


And that involves cutting off access to Chicago PD databases, robbing ICE of one more resource to help them track down immigrant families that have received deportation orders.

Lightfoot said in a statement released via Twitter on Friday that she had directed Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to terminate ICE’s access to the Chicago Police Department’s databases related to immigration enforcement activities.

As WaPo reported last night, the ICE operation is expected to begin on Sunday. It's expected that 2,000 families facing deportation orders living in 10 cities with large immigrant communities, including Houston, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, will be arrested. President Trump first announced plans for the raids on Monday.

ICE has been readying agents for the raids, and has been renting out hotel rooms to use as staging areas, where families will be held while they await deportation.

Democrats have criticized Trump's plan, and some of the 2020 candidates have weighed in.

Elizabeth Warren accused the administration of being "inhumane."

But as President Trump pointed out, the people who will be apprehended in this weekend's raid have all been ordered to leave the country - and deliberately disobeyed that order.

All of this is happening as Republicans press Democrats for more funding to address the crisis at the border. But if anything, each side will double down as immigration again becomes the keynote issue of the election in 2020.