Tesla "Misses A Curve" In Illinois, Crashes Through The Front Of Someone's House Instead

Tesla bulls are quick to argue that many other types of cars also catch fire and accelerate into inanimate objects on their own, so why is everyone always picking on Tesla?

Perhaps it is due to the totally normal, everyday accidents that keep occurring in Teslas: for instance, Republic Times' recent report that a Tesla "missed a curve" in a residential neighborhood and instead drove through the front of someone's home.  

The male driver was reported to have been airlifted by a medical helicopter from the scene, to Saint Louis University Hospital for a head injury that he sustained during the accident. Two additional occupants of the car were also both transported to the same hospital, via ambulance. All three of the car's occupants were 21 years old.

The crash took place at about 12:30am at 16 Eagle Lake Drive, which is located off Steppig Road south of Saint Louis in Columbia, on the Illinois side of the border.

The driver, Alexander Grier, had to be extracted from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life. Initial reports say that the Tesla (notably not "the driver") missed a curve in the roadway and struck the house.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the car was on Autopilot, but we will continue to follow the story closely for updates.