Knitting Behemoth Ravelry Bans Pro-Trump Content Over 'White Supremacy' 

The bitter biddy brigade over at knitting super-site have their pussy-hats in a twist over President Trump, and have taken action ahead of the 2020 election by banning all support for Trump and his administration from their platform.  

In a Saturday announcement, the "Facebook of knitting" said "We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy," adding "Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.

The site did not explain which Trump policies it believes signify white supremacist ideology, though the president was roundly criticized for not condemning white nationalist violence after Charlottesville’s 2017 Unite The Right rally. The white supremacist demonstration had “very fine people on both sides,” Trump said, after one counterprotester was killed.

The ban cuts across all aspects of the site, including “forum posts, projects, patterns, profiles” and anything else, the announcement said. -Washington Post

Stroking their many cats while their husbands suffer in silence, the site administrators claim that they aren't endorsing Democrats or shunning Republicans.

"We are definitely not banning conservative politics. Hate groups and intolerance are different from other types of political positions," said Ravelry, which warned users not to goad others into supporting the president. 

Ravelry founders Casey and Jessica Forbes (Screenshot: "Fruity Knitting")

Ravelry was launched in 2007 by husband and wife Casey and Jessica Forbes, and claims 8 million registered users. 

The company claims their anti-Trump policy was inspired by, which banned public support of Trump in October.