Pakistanis Boycott Proctor & Gamble After Feminist Detergent Ad Insults Islam 

Proctor & Gamble has come under fire in Pakistan after running a commercial for their Ariel soap brand which encourages women to break free of conservative norms and pursue careers, according to Gulf News

In the ad, several women representing different professions - including a journalist and doctor - are seen pushing dirty sheets hanging on a clothesline off the screen.

The sheets are printed with common refrains used to reinforce the oppression of women in Pakistan, including the question “What will people say?”, which heralds scandal every time a woman chooses to challenge gender norms.

The commercial ends with a close-up shot of the Pakistan women’s cricket team captain Bismah Maroof saying: “Stay within the house... these are not only sentences but stains”. -Gulf News

The ad, according to Pakistanis, is an insult to Islam - and has been accordingly assigned the hashtag "#Boycott Ariel" over Twitter. 

"They (are) insulting Islamic teaching in their advertising," wrote Binte Suleman on Twitter. 

Another critic, Ahmed, wants Proctor & Gamble punished "for such conspiracy against our Islamic values." 

As Gulf News notes: "Much of society lives under a patriarchal, outdated code of so-called “honour” that systemises the oppression of women who defy tradition by, for example, choosing their own husband or working outside the home."