The moral of this story is that parents can no longer trust Disney.


"Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood."
-Walt Disney

The moral of this story is that parents can no longer trust Disney.

I remember when I was a little kid, and also later when we had young kids of our own, going through the "Now Showing" section of our local newspaper to decide which movie we were going to see.  As kids, we could, or as parents we would, only choose a movie rated G, and more often than not that meant a Walt Disney movie. As naive as it may sound, today, parents felt they could trust The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) film rating system to rate a film's suitability for children based on its content.  Even more so, parents felt they could trust Walt Disney, the man, and by association the company.


My how things have changed.  You may not be aware, but back in 2014, Disney's movie, Frozen, became the highest-grossing animated movie in history, and so there are some big expectations for the sequel, Frozen 2, which is "coming out" later this year.  Yes, that is correct, the star of Frozen, Elsa, is by all accounts a lesbian.  And the big question everyone is asking about the sequel is whether or not Elsa will come out of the closet, with the subplot being whether or not she was born this way.  

The lesbian community appears absolutely giddy over the success of Frozen, but they can't seem to decide if they would rather have Elsa come out, or keep getting one over on the millions of naive parents that bring their little girls to see another Disney children's movie about a princess, but have no clue as to what is really going on with the character.  

“The entertainment industry has given us girls who have fallen in love with beasts, ogres who fall for humans, and even grown women who love bees,” Isabel wrote. “But we’ve never been able to see the purity in a queer relationship.”…

In the end, though, it isn't the lesbian community's decision, nor is it the decision of the uber-feminist director, Jennifer Lee, whether or not we will get to see Elsa strap on a big ol' Jungle Book branded dildo and go to town on her foxy little goyfriend.  Rather, it is the decision of just another old, Jewish, male, studio head, by the name of Bob Iger.  


I would bet the keys to the Magic Kingdom that Bob will not risk the opportunity of earning as much as $2,000,000,000 on Frozen 2, the vast majority coming from heterosexual parents that identify as Christians, just so the gay-goys can have a little bit of validation from Walt Disney that their sexual preference is normal.  I predict that most parents will never know that the Walt Disney movie they are taking their kids to see, or buying the DVD for Christmas, is pure lesbian propaganda.

Spoiler Alert:  In the end, the prince is really a bad guy, like all men, and the lesbian was born that way.  

But, like our children's breakfast cereal, shouldn't parents be told what is in our children's movies? Like the G rating? 


Because if, according to Hollywood, it is okay for a woman to be able to choose to kill her baby, or for an actress to be able to raise her adopted boy as a girl, then surely it is okay for a woman to be able to choose the content of her own child's cartoons?  And for her's to be an informed choice, no? 

Why, you ask, would I not want my precious little girl or beautiful granddaughter to be exposed to Disney's pro homosexual propaganda? For starters, in my half century on the planet, I have known dozens of lesbians, and they have all been angry and unhappy.  I understand that happy and healthy lesbian couples may actually exist in the real world, but like a talking mouse, I have never seen one.  


Watch this entire 10 minute video, if you want to see exactly how Ellen finds happiness interacting with another woman.

It is also a fact that suicide is skyrocketing among the gay community.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 15 to 24 and the third leading cause of death among youth aged 10 to 14 (CDC, 2010). Among youth who identify as sexual minorities, the likelihood of death by suicide has been estimated to be two to seven times greater than the likelihood of death by suicide among heterosexual youth (Haas et al., 2011).…

How will you feel, Jennifer Lee, if you discover that your daughter's favorite breakfast cereal, the same cereal you and even your mother enjoyed as a kid, has started sneaking in a secret ingredient that makes her 2-7 times more likely to kill herself, getting her hooked on the taste, but the cereal's producer does not disclose this ingredient on the box? 

I don't mean to be so glum.  I have, fortunately, also known a few lesbians that eventually did find happiness, after they married a man and had children of their own.  Please, check your own personal experiences, and see if they match mine.  Because, in the end, who are you going to believe, some magic kingdom cartoon characters, or your own lying eyes?  


Many times I have written here on ZeroHedge that I have discovered the key to happiness is gratitude. I have known many ungrateful people, and none are happy.  I have known many grateful people, and they are all happy.  I have known many happy people, and they are all grateful.  I have known many unhappy people and they are all ungrateful.  As best as I can tell, the correlation is 100%.   

When you have a half hour to spare, I invite you to watch an animated movie from the Veggie Tales series, Madame Blueberry.  Even if you are not a Christian, I think that you can and will appreciate the two morals of the Madame Blueberry story: be grateful for what you have, and being greedy makes you miserable.  Did you read that second one, Bob Iger?  I imagine that a big part of Disney's share value is goodwill and trust.  No?


Annie Onion: I thank God for this day, For the sun in the sky, For my mom and my dad, For my piece of apple pie! For our home on the ground, For His love that's all around, That's why I say thanks every day! Because a thankful heart is a happy heart! I'm glad for what I have, That's an easy way to start! For the love that He shares, 'Cause He listens to my prayers, That's why I say thanks every day!

From the VeggieTale cartoon, Madame Blueberry.

Love, prosperity, liberty, and peace,