Leaked Google 'Microagressions Newsletter' Reveals Blizzard Of Triggered Snowflakes

For about three years, Google employees have been anonymously reporting dramatic tales of workplace triggerings in an internal newsletter called "Yes, At Google" or YAG. 

For a bit of context, the median Google employee is 30 years old, while 90% of political donations made by employees of parent Alphabet are to Democrats, according to GovPredict. In short, the same demographic which has adjusted so well to the Trump presidency is - surprise, very sensitive

Described as a "curated monthly newsletter of anonymized incidents of micro-aggressions & micro-corrections," the YAG newsletter was launched in 2016 as an employee's pet-project, and has exploded into a full blown production with an editorial board - having been absorbed by the company's "Respect@" program. 

While the newsletter's existence has been previously reportedsomeone leaked three editions of YAG to the Daily Caller's J. Arthur Bloom - and they're glorious. Some notable excerpts are below, while we can only hope someone puts together a dramatic reading, since that's all the rage (See: the Daily Caller's Beto O'Rourke cow-centric creeper poem reading for reference). 


  • A deaf person told to watch her “tone”

"Reminded today by my manager that I need to be more aware of my tone when interacting with others as sometimes it’s often not appropriate given the situation. Fact: I am deaf and rely on Cochlear implants to ‘hear.’ I cannot differentiate tones."

  • The soy police

"A coworker approached me to say that he noticed I consumed a lot of soy products (I’m a vegetarian) and that he was worried my testicles would shrink, my testosterone would fail, and estrogen would rise. It was inappropriate to begin with, but also cast people with lower testosterone as less masculine or manly."

  • Pronoun problems

"Someone I know has been effectively pressured into not using their preferred pronouns in work communications because some members of their team find it unclear or confusing. The person has tried to open a dialogue to find ways to make communications clearer while still using their preferred pronouns, but has had these efforts shut down."

  • Flirting gone wrong (TVC means 'Temp, Vendor or Contract' employees, as opposed to a full employee)

"I’m a TVC and I’ve not completed my first month here. Last week in a cafe a man approached me while I was eating breakfast to tell me that he felt ‘compelled’ to tell me how he was attracted to me. I was wearing my wedding ring at the time (always). Then a few days later a different man who I’ve caught staring at my before, makes up a very thinly veiled excuse to talk to me in the lobby.

"Then the next day he pings me on google chat with another flimsy excuse to talk. Opening with ‘struggled to get your idap. Had to track your location, lol’ … it’s nothing to laugh about and I don’t see anything funny about this. I’m here to work and I don’t feel respected because of my gender."

"I’m a 27 year old woman. I was grabbing a dessert at a cafe (Masa) and a man walks up to me and tells me ‘Do you know how many calories are in there? That’s going to all go here (points at the hips).’ I was so shocked I had nothing to say to him.”

“Anti-harrassment anti-discrimination training includes two examples of men flirting with women as inappropiate behabvior and zero examples involving any other gender configuration. This unthinkingly normalized that dynamic and derives any other.” 

  • Ableist straw spat

"The ableist plastic straw ban fad has reached Google. The food team is at least wiling to hear perspectives from disabled Googlers, but this is yet another example where disabled Googlers have to advocate just to maintain the status quo of partial inclusion."

  • Pro-Chinese Lego vandalism

"The Taiwanese lego flag in the NYC office has been vandalized a couple of times (once intentionally destroyed and replaced by the letters CN, and once blocked by a Chinese flag). Similar things also seem to happen to other country flags. Despite political differences, I would hope Googlers and their guests respect other people’s countries and flags." 

Finally, one employee reports: "When I told my manager I felt excluded from the team I was told to ‘search within yourself for the problem’ when I told my manager essentially that I found that answer unacceptable I was told that I was too sensitive."

You don't say?


Read the rest of Bloom's piece here