Twitter, Facebook Slide After Trump Says US Should Sue Socials: "Perhaps We Will"

In a wide-ranging interview on Fox Business this morning, President Trump told Maria Bartiromo, reflecting in the bias against conservative speakers, that "we should be suing Google and Facebook and perhaps we will,” sending social media stocks lower...

Additionally, Trump warned that substantial additional U.S. tariffs would be placed on goods from China if there’s no progress on a trade deal after his planned meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the G-20 Summit in Japan.

“My Plan B with China is to take in billions and billions of dollars a month and we’ll do less and less business with them,”

Additionally President Trump blasted Vietnam as "worst [economic] abuser of everyone" and called for ECB chief Mario Draghi as "our Fed person," reiterating that he has the right to demote or fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.