Huawei Employees Linked To Mysterious Chinese Military Research Projects

Does Chinese telecom giant Huawei work with the Chinese government, slipping espionage backdoor on behalf of Beijing. On Thursday, Huawei once again vowed to Bloomberg that it does not collaborate with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in China, however that may have been the latest lie to emerge from China's SOE apparatus: the reason: Bloomberg discovered new public documents confirming Huawei employees worked with the PLA on past research.

Bloomberg identified ten studies written by Huawei staff and PLA researchers on a Chinese academic paper database called

Huawei spokesman Glenn Schloss issued a statement to Bloomberg and denied the allegations.

"Huawei is not aware of its employees publishing research papers in their individual capacity," Schloss said in a messaged statement. "Huawei does not have any R&D collaboration or partnerships with the PLA-affiliated institutions," he said. "Huawei only develops and produces communications products that conform to civil standards worldwide, and does not customize R&D products for the military."

And yet, Bloomberg discovered that during the past decade, the studies showed that Huawei had teamed up with the PLA on research projects for artificial intelligence and wireless communications.

The studies included joint efforts with the investigative branch of the Central Military Commission, to use satellites for geographical observations, and artificial intelligence to monitor social media websites.

Huawei employee, Li Jie, was the lead author of a geographical information study, had two co-authors from the Chinese National University of Defense Technology and the No. 71309 unit of the PLA army. In another study - artificial intelligence and deep learning machines were used to monitor social media comments for emotion, the lead author was identified as an employee from Huawei's Shanghai branch who collaborated with two other personnel from the PLA's central committee, an artificial-intelligence research lab and a unit of the Chinese military.

Huawei's founder Ren Zhengfei, a former PLA officer, has come under fire since the trade war flared up last year due to the possible involvement of PLA activity inside Huawei.

Pressure on Huawei came when the US and China trade negotiations collapsed last month - prompting Trump to increase tariffs from 10% to 25% on $250 billion in Chinese products while threatening a full-blown trade war if President XI doesn't meet him at the G-20 summit this weekend.

US national security officials have said Huawei's telecommunication equipment and smartphones pose a significant security threat. This was followed by Trump admin restricting all American companies from doing business with Huawei.

Chinese officials told The Wall Street Journal Thursday that President Xi is demanding President Trump remove Huawei from its blacklist and dismiss all tariffs to make a deal. Moments ago, around 11:30 am on Thursday, President Trump's economic advisor Larry Kudlow stated that the US is "unlikely" to lift Huawei restrictions. Kudlow also said the US "may move ahead on additional China tariffs."

The fullest extent of Huawei's Chinese military ties remains unknown.

China is a rising power with a military likely to outspend the US by 2030. The Trump administration, with corporate American and the military-industrial-complex, is in the game to squash any Chinese company the poses a treat and threatens the American Empire. US media will lead the charge in convincing the American people that China and their shady companies have to be sanction in some way because they're impeding on America. The media is pre-conditioning the American people for war by demonizing China.