Project Veritas Banned By Vimeo After Uploading Undercover Google Exposé

Video hosting platform Vimeo - whose CEO contributed to the 2016 Clinton campaign - has completely banned Project Veritas over a viral video of a surreptitiously recorded Google employee admitting that the search giant is training its algorithms to to avoid the "next Trump situation," raising questions of 2020 election meddling

The Google employee, Jen Gennai, claims that she was referring to election meddling in terms of preventing another "Trump situation," however the Department of Justice is on recrord saying that Russian attempts to influence the 2016 US election did not alter the outcome.

On Wednesday, Veritas tweeted a list of big tech companies and their responses to various exposés, asking "DO THINK BIG TECH IS WORKING TOGETHER?" 

Meanwhile, for content creators worried about YouTube or Vimeo arbitrarily demonetizing or otherwise deplatforming them, check out BitChute, which has created a method to automatically transfer YouTube videos to the platform