Fugitive Who Kept Attack-Squirrel Hopped-Up On Meth Found And Arrested

Police have finally tracked down and arrested a fugitive who kept an "attack squirrel" caged and hopped up on methamphetamine at his house for protection, according to the NY Post.

The man, identified as 35 year old Mickey Paulk, was arrested on Thursday after authorities caught him leaving a hotel in a stolen ambulance. Paulk eventually rammed into an investigator's vehicle after a short chase and was arrested.

He was booked on drug and gun charges, as well as charges of attempting to elude, criminal mischief, receiving stolen property and felon in possession of a pistol. 

Police had been looking for Paulk since June 18 after police raided his apartment and rescued the "attack squirrel". During the bust, they also seized drugs, paraphernalia and body armor. It had been reported to police previously that Paulk was keeping an "attack squirrel" and feeding it drugs to keep it aggressive. 

The squirrel was released to a nearby wooded area. 

According to USA Today, the squirrel's name was "DeezNuts".