Tesla Admits Battery Malfunction Caused Spontaneous Combustion Of Model S In Shanghai Parking Garage

About 2 months after a Tesla Model S spontaneously combusted in a Shanghai parking garage, Tesla is finally admitting that the incident was caused by a "single battery module malfunction," according to Bloomberg.

The company says the conclusion was based on an evaluation by experts from China and the U.S.

Tesla says it didn't find a "systematic flaw" after its investigation into the car's battery, software and manufacturing data (other than the car catching fire, unprovoked, randomly?)

Previously, Tesla had disputed the findings of a preliminary investigation that concluded that the fire was caused by a short circuit in the batter. 


A self proclaimed Tesla owner in Shanghai that Tweets under the name @ShanghaiJayIn posted the video on his Twitter in late April. It showed a Tesla Model S, 1st generation, catching fire spontaneously and becoming fully engulfed in flames in a Chinese parking garage.

The user has since deleted the video of the fire, though it is still mirrored elsewhere. 

The video shows what appears to be security footage of a white Tesla that starts with smoke pouring out of the bottom of it. As people can be heard in the background talking in Mandarin, the car simply spontaneously combusts.