AOC Says Border Patrol "Sexually Threatened" Her, As Trump Confirms ICE Raids Will Resume Soon

Just as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared her latest alarming claim about conditions in detention centers for illegal migrants crossing into the US, President Trump insisted on Monday that his administration still plans to carry out the mass ICE raids of migrants who have been given notices to leave the country.


As the controversy balloons over a Facebook group where border patrol agents reportedly shared sexually explicit depictions of AOC - including a cartoon allegedly showing her sucking off a migrant - AOC accused border agents of carrying out "psychological warfare" against detained migrants, whom AOC claimed were forced to drink toilet water.

AOC's latest twitter rant follows reports that  agents used a secret Facebook group to share lewd posts about her another far-left progressive Democrat. CBP said it was aware of the group and was investigating the matter, while Trump said Monday that he was unaware  of the situation.

But "Sandy from the Bronx" wasn't the only Dem to make the salacious claim about migrants drinking from toilets. California Rep. Judy Chu made a similar claim, while Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean said conditions at the detention centers were "far worse than we ever could have imagined," according to Bloomberg.

And just as she can take criticism, AOC proved during this trip that she can dish it out, too. According to a reporter from the Washington Examiner, AOC "screamed" at federal law enforcement agents during the trip "in a threatening manner."

All three lawmakers traveling with a group organized by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to visit detention centers in El Paso and Clint, Texas, and do some investigating following  a series  of reports about the lack of access to "safe and sanitary" conditions in both towns.

During a televised press conference at Clint, AOC was ambushed by Trump supporters.

The uproar has caused border agents in El Paso to warn about the risk of riots by migrants being held in the overcrowded cells.  According to Reuters.

Border Patrol agents "remained armed in the holding areas because of their concerns with the overcrowding that potentially could result in volatile situations (riots etc.)" or hunger strikes, the documents attached to the Office of Inspector General report revealed.

Meanwhile, according to CNN, Trump said he expects massive raids to round up migrants who have been issued notices to leave the country will be carried out soon after this weekend's Fourth of July holiday, which could pair nicely with Trump's promised but still not fully planned "Salute To America" military parade.

Trump shared his latest thoughts on the crisis at the border during an interview Monday from the Oval Office.

In a tweet last weekend, Trump delayed the raids - planned for 10 major American cities - for 2 weeks "at the request of Democrats," ostensibly to give them time to try and hash out "a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems" with Republicans.

Last week, the House passed a $4.6 billion aid package intended to ease the "humanitarian crisis" at the border, despite opposition from both Nancy Pelosi and Trump.

But once the raids happen, imagine how AOC and her band of far-left progressives will react? This could be the push that sends her over the edge in openly calling for revolution.