Resistance Media Suggests Trump Delayed China Tariffs To Help Fireworks Company

A hilarious thread has emerged from the 'resistance' media, which is now suggesting that President Trump paused $300 million in new China tariffs last week to help out...

...a fireworks company. 

This latest MSM 'gotcha' was cooked up by ABC's Devin Dwyer and Stephanie Ebbs, who wrote: 

President Donald Trump's Fourth of July celebration will feature $750,000 of donated fireworks from an Ohio retailer who has lobbied the White House against expanded tariffs on Chinese imports.

And last week, the same day the donation was announced, the company -- Phantom Fireworks of Youngstown, Ohio -- got what it wanted: Trump decided to hold off on his threatened $300 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods, which include fireworks. -ABC

Dun dun dun... 

So, after weeks of Trump and US Trade Representative Lighthizer intimating that the US is interested in restarting trade talks, Trump pulls an olive branch out of his ass and suspends the next round of tariffs affecting a wide spectrum of industries - because a fireworks company that lobbied the White House also donated $750,000 for the Independence Day celebration in Washington D.C. 

According to APA data, nearly all fireworks sold in the US are made in China to the whopping tune of $1.3 billion annually. And while the fireworks industry wrote an open letter opposing the tariffs, the notion that one company bribed the Trump administration into altering a major geopolitical strategy strains credulity, to put it mildly.