The Decline & Fall Of Britain's Labour Party

Brexit has turned British politics upside down, with the consistent failure of the Conservative and Labour parties to deliver or effectively oppose the country's exit from the EU fuelling a voter exodus, exemplified today with the latest voting intention poll putting Corbyn's party in fourth place for the first time in its history.

Statista's Martin Armstrong details that, as surveys by YouGov show, since the last election, Labour have managed to squander a relative wealth of positive public opinion, utterly failing to capitalise on the Tories being weak and wounded.

In the first 'Favourability Tracker' after the 2017 vote, a net 7 percent of Brits had a positive opinion of the party, compared to -21 percent for the Conservatives. In July 2019, this figure now sits at -35 percent for the Conservatives, but it is Labour that have fallen most spectacularly, now at -36 percent - a brutal drop of 42 percentage points.

Infographic: The fall of the Labour Party | Statista

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In place of the two almost-slain giants have emerged a resurgent Liberal Democrats and the new Nigel Farage platform - the Brexit Party. The former enjoying the best net rating of -12 percent, and the latter at the same level the Conservatives were at just after their last (narrow) election win.