Epstein Accused Of Paying Witnesses $350K In Hush Money

Federal prosecutors allege in a new court filing that Jeffrey Epstein may have engaged in witness tampering by paying off two potential witnesses days before the Miami Herald began publishing a series of explosive exposés about the registered sex offender and his victims.  

According to financial records, Epstein wired $350,000 to two 'possible co-conspirators' who could testify against him. $100,000 was wired from "Institution-1" to one person, while just three days later $250,000 was wired to another individual. Neither of the payments appear to be recurring based on five years of bank records. 

Is one of the co-conspirators Ghislaine Maxwell? 

The daughter of a British media barron, Maxwell was described by one Epstein accuser in a 2017 lawsuit as "the highest ranking employee" of his alleged enterprise, in which she was said to have managed both Epstein's household and his sex life. 

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a British media baron, was a fixture for years in Manhattan’s social scene, often written about in tabloids for her close ties to British royalty and to a mysterious financier named Jeffrey Epstein.

But Mr. Epstein’s arrest last week on sex-trafficking charges has brought renewed attention to her alleged role as one of his top aides.

Ms. Maxwell, 57 years old, has been accused by three women in affidavits and other court filings of recruiting young women for Mr. Epstein and training them for sex. Two of the women have alleged that Ms. Maxwell, together with Mr. Epstein, sexually assaulted them, according to the filings.

What's more, "Juan Alessi, who said in one of the depositions that he served as the Palm Beach house manager from around 1992 through 2002, described a basket of sex toys in Ms. Maxwell’s bathroom closet. He said he would find them around when he cleaned up after visits from the young women," according to the Journal

Alessi also says Maxwell asked him to make a list of massage parlors and massage schools in the area - asking him to then drive her around to the location where she collected business cards. 

Maxwell was also a guest at Chelsea Clinton's wedding

To say Epstein's alleged dick-fixer gets around would be an understatement...

Epstein's estimated net worth

Also of interest, in arguing against Jeffrey Epstein's request for house arrest pending his trial for allegedly sex-trafficking minors, federal prosecutors noted that the 66-year-old financier is worth at least $500 million, earning at least $10 million per year according to two banks. 

This filing comes after Judge Richard M. Berman ordered Epstein's lawyers to 'hand-deliver' his financial information by 9:00 a.m. on Friday to the court and opposing counselIf Epstein doesn't claim to have an income of at least $10 million and a net worth of $500 million, it may affect his chances of being granted house arrest. 

Earlier in the week Epstein's attorneys argued that he should be allowed out on house arrest pending trial, arguing that he would offer his $77 million mansion as collateral - where "the Government has discovered and seized a significant volume of photographs of nude and seminude young women and girls," according to the government's filing. 

Prosecutors say Epstein's mansion "provides no value whatsoeveras collateral, "because the defendant would thus be likely to lose that property following a conviction." 

The government similarly noted that Epstein's offer to put his Gulfstream jet up for collateral is bogus, as the financier "recently sold a second plane and thus presumably has cash on hand to replace the posted aircraft without difficulty if need be." 

Looks like Epstein may find himself stuck in a 100 square-foot cell until his trial, unless his lawyers are able to pull off some genuine legal magic.