Steve Mnuchin's Wife Is A "Bisexual Psychopath Killer" In Upcoming Erotic Film

It was only last week when we revealed US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin posing in a risqué poolside photo with his 38-year-old wife, Louise Linton.

Linton is an "Instagram-disgraced" millennial who has used social media to brag about luxury fashion brands she was wearing while de-boarding a government plane, and more importantly, on the taxpayers' dime.

Many have said Mnuchin's risqué poolside photo op at a mega-mansion in LA last week, and Linton's past social media history is more evidence to just how out of touch the Trump administration is with their base.

And it appears things have just gotten a lot weirder, a new report from The Cut - details how Linton is filming a "sex thriller" with Ed Westwick.  Yes, that means Mnuchin's wife will be headlining in an erotic film.

Mnuchin's wife will be playing a "bisexual psychopath killer" who is "uninhibited" and "very carnal and confident in her sexuality." Seems very fitting considering President Trump's base is mostly god-fearing conservatives situated in the Heartland of America that would be shocked if they saw this very progressive film.


The movie is called Me, You, Madness, stars a young thief (Westwick) who has a knack for robbing homes of the rich, robs a mansion of a serial killer (Linton). The movie started filming in 2018 in Malibu was delayed by last year's Woolsey Fire before resuming after the fire was extinguished.

"Thanks to my killer crew and cast, the movie is every bit the playful 80's homage I dreamed of when I wrote it," Linton said recently. "It was a joyful set, even under pressure. Ed Westwick is a phenomenal actor, collaborator, friend and creative force who became my co-pilot on many creative aspects of the film."

Last week was the movie's final day of filming. Linton shared Instagram posts of behind the scenes. In one, she was doing her own makeup "One of the challenges I face when you're acting and directing in a movie, is not having time to sit in hair and makeup," she said.


And maybe an Instagram critic was right: 

"Steve looks like the type of dude that enjoys watching his wife getting banged by another dude. #CuckoldLif." an Instagram critic said.

Living a luxurious lifestyle, staring in an erotic film, and posting about it all over social media shows just how the Mnuchin's are out of touch with their base.