Former ICE Chief Stuns, Embarrasses AOC During Heated House Oversight Hearing

Former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan gave Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a much needed reality check during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the treatment of migrant families late last week.

During the exchange, Ocasio-Cortez constantly tries to pin Homan down on the topic of separating families due to a zero tolerance memo that he signed off on.

"The recommendation, of the many you recommended, you recommended family separation," she said to Homan.

Homan responded: "I recommended zero-tolerance. The same it is with every U.S. citizen parent that gets arrested with their child."

As AOC pushed further, Homan broke it down into a very simple example that left AOC stunned and without a retort momentarily.

Homan continued: "If I get arrested for a DUI and I have a young child in the car, I'm going to be separated."

AOC pushed back on asylum seekers, saying that the act of seeking asylum was not illegal.

"If you want to seek asylum, then go to a port of entry. Do it the legal way. The attorney general of the United States has made that clear," Homan said back, leaving AOC speechless and fumbling with her papers.

Homan was also antagonized by Rep. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia (D-Ill.) at the same meeting. Garcia opened his line of questioning by angrily asking:

Mr Homan, do you understand that the consequences of separation of many children will be lifelong trauma and carried across generations? Have we not learned from the interment of Japanese Americans? Mr. Homan, I'm a father. Do you have children? How can you possibly allow this to happen under your watch? Do you not care? Is it because these children don't look like children that are around you? I don't get it. Have you ever held a deceased child in your arms?

"First of all, your comments are disgusting," Homan responded. "I've served my country for 34 years. This is out of control. Yes, I held a 5-year-old boy in my arms that was in the back of a tractor-trailer and knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him because I knew what the last 30 minutes of his life were like and I had a 5-year-old son at the time."

"What I've been doing in my 34 years serving my nation is to save lives. So for you to sit there and insult my integrity and my love of my country and for children...that's why this whole thing needs to be fixed — and you're the member of Congress! Fix it!"

Homan's brutal honesty continued on Fox Business's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" where commentator Gregg Jarrett told Homan that "the treatment of you was nothing short of appalling."

Connolly "threw out dirt and wouldn't let me respond. This is about political theater. He ran out of there like a little girl. He's a coward. He didn't want to hear my response because this was all political theater," Homan said.

"This is about resisting this president. This about open borders. They don't want to hear the truth."