Trump Bashes Fed's Williams, Says US Economic Growth "No Thanks To Federal Reserve", Sees "No Inflation"

In yet another unprecedented move from our iconoclastic president, President Trump bashed New York Fed President John Williams in a tweet on Friday morning, saying the Fed doesn't deserve any credit for engineering what has become the longest period of economic expansion in US history.

Yesterday, Williams sent the S&P 500 back into the green after he appeared to suggest that the Fed would deliver the 50 bp rate cut that the market so desperately craves. But to the bulls' chagrin, the NY Fed soon walked back Williams extremely dovish comments, saying Williams' words didn't reflect "potential policy actions" at the FOMC meeting later this month.

John Williams

Now, Trump is praising Williams for acknowledging yesterday that the central bank raised rates too quickly, but is bashing him for trying to take credit for the booming Trump era economy.

Trump then insisted that there's almost no inflation, which means the central bank should acquiesce to his demand to slash interest rates by a full percentage point and launch QE4.

Ironically, inflation expectations in the UMich consumer sentiment survey just posted their highest reading since March 2016.

While the USD and short-dated Treasury yields have unwound their post-Williams move after the central bank's walkback, US stocks opened higher...rallying on both Williams' dovishness AND the walk back.

At this point, economists and analysts agree that the Fed's December rate hike was a mistake. Trump has now tweeted about Jerome Powell, Mario Draghi and Williams - and we'd bet money that Neel Kashkari is probably fuming about how the president hasn't noticed his eagerness to cut to -1%.