Trump Slams "Despicable" San Juan Mayor, Says "Tom 'The Chin' Friedman Kissed My Ass On The Phone"

Mixed in with complaints about the amount of media coverage devoted to supporters at his Wednesday night rally chanting "send her back" about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) as he dug in on his attacks against the first-term congresswomen and three of her colleagues, President Trump took a twitter moment to do the "told you so" dance on Puerto Rico's political crisis, and to blast establishment operative Tom Friedman for his hypocrisy... no holds barred.

With massive protests in the streets, Trump was quick to claim vindication for his criticism of Puerto Rico’s corrupt and incompetent government and political class, including San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

"A lot of bad things are happening in Puerto Rico.

The Governor is under siege, the Mayor of San Juan is a despicable and incompetent person who I wouldn’t trust under any circumstance, and the United States Congress foolishly gave 92 Billion Dollars for hurricane relief, much...

...of which was squandered away or wasted, never to be seen again. This is more than twice the amount given to Texas & Florida combined.

I know the people of Puerto Rico well, and they are great. But much of their leadership is corrupt, & robbing the U.S. Government blind! "

Then the President switched his focus, mocking New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman's appearance and dismissing the writer as a "phony" after he penned a column calling the president a "racist" and "woman-abusing jerk."

"Thomas 'the Chin' Friedman, a weak and pathetic sort of guy, writes columns for The New York Times in between rounds of his favorite game, golf. Two weeks ago, while speaking to a friend on his cell phone, I unfortunately ended up speaking to Friedman.

We spoke for a while and he could not have been nicer or more respectful to your favorite President, me.

Then I saw the column he wrote, “Trump Will Be Re-elected, Won’t He?” He called me a Racist, which I am not, and said Rhode Island went from economically bad to great in 5 years because the...

...Governor of the State did a good  job. That may be true but she could not have done it without the tremendous economic success of our Country & the turnaround that my Administration has caused. Really Nasty to me in his average I.Q. Columns, kissed my a.. on the call. Phony!"

Distractions from his 'racist' comments against 'the squad'? Maybe, but the truth hurts.