Dems Turning Trump Into 'Folk Hero' By Failing To Impeach: NYT Columnist

According to New York Times columnist Charles Blow, the Democrats' failure to impeach President Trump is turning him into a "folk hero." 

"Dem leadership says not moving to impeach Trump skirts the problem of revving up his base," tweeted Blow on Wednesday night. 

"Fatal flaw in this logic: "Getting away with it," evading capture, actually adds to the legend of folk heroes. (Trump has become one.)" 

"NOT impeaching him is actually what’s energizing!"

Blow was more than a bit triggered by yesterday's performance by Robert Mueller and Congressional Democrats, tweeting "I’m soooooo frustrated and disappointed" that "Dems are basically reading Mueller quotes from his report" (which he was totally unfamiliar with). 

Of course, the 'fatal flaw' in Blow's logic - i.e. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stance, is that if House Democrats move to impeach Trump for attempting to obstruct an investigation into a crime he didn't commit - using all the 'smoking guns' and 'gotchas' contained in the Mueller report - it'll backfire more than a 1965 Karmann Ghia right into the 2020 US election after the Senate shuts the whole thing down. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump tweeted his assessment of the Mueller testimony - calling it a "devastating day" for Democrats, who are "a mess" (h/t Tony Lee, Breitbart).