Watch: Armed Thieves Make Off With 1600 Lbs Of Gold In Brazil Airport Heist

An armed group of thieves dressed as police officers stormed the Guarulhos Airport in Brazil, took two hostages, and stole more than 1,600 lbs (750kg) of gold and other metals valued at more than $40 million, according to Reuters.

The group split up, with several suspects taking off in a black pickup truck with livery resembling Brazil's federal police. 

Four men left the vehicle with their faces covered, at least one of whom had a rifle, and confronted workers at the airport, who then proceeded to fill up the pickup truck with cargo.

A police report said the thieves left with about 750 kg (1,650 lbs) of gold and other precious metals, along with two airport workers taken as hostages, and remained at large. -Reuters

An airport spokeswoman said that nobody was harmed during the assault, though no word on the hostages.