Tesla Owner Parks On Stranger's Lawn, Stealing Electricity For 12 Hours

It's the electric future utopia that we were all promised: entitled assholes stealing your electricity because they can't read their futuristic car's range indicator. 

Here's one "green energy" Earth-saving scenario to chew on: Your landscaper comes to your door early one morning asking you to move your car so that they can service your lawn. Except, your car is the in driveway. So you venture outside to see someone else's Tesla, sitting on your lawn, with an extension cord running across your grass and plugged into the side of your home.

According to WPBF ABC, this is exactly what happened to Phil Fraumeni, who has lived at his house in Lake Worth, Florida for 20 years. 

"It was plugged into my electric outlet on my house," Fraumeni told the local news.

The car wasn't stolen and the owner was later tracked down. He was told by the owner that he was visiting a friend in the neighborhood when the Tesla's battery died. 

"From what the boy said from midnight the night before, so 12 hours it was charging," Fraumeni said.

Ultimately, Fraumeni was a good neighbor about the situation. He didn't press charges and didn't even charge the owner for the electricity.