Venezuela Ready For War Against Likely US Invasion, Warns Socialist Party No. 2

Venezuelan Socialist Party Vice President Diosdado Cabello on Saturday said US Marines would "likely" invade the country, Reuters reported.

"We are few, a small country, we are very humble, and here it is likely that the US Marines enter. It is likely that they enter," Cabello told the 25th Sao Paulo Forum in Caracas.

"Their problem will be getting out of Venezuela," he warned.

Cabello's prediction of war came after a US spy plane violated the country's airspace, the third violation in July, which the Maduro regime called a "clear offensive" against the South American country.

"Once more US spy planes are unduly entering the Flight Information Region (FIR) under our country's jurisdiction, violating aviation security and international treaties," a note from National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela read.

Cabello told lawmakers at the forum that "we are ready these days, and we say that without arrogance, but if they want it, they can have it - a total war of all our people in defense of our country and our peace."

He said, "it is probable that US marines" will invade Venezuela, noting that if American troops should invade, "their problem will be to leave."

Cabello described parallels between an inevitable US invasion of Venezuela and the War of Independence that liberated the South American country from Spain 200 years ago. He said, "Here, 200 years ago, we got rid of the most powerful empire of that time, and we weren't nearly as prepared or as united."

US-Venezuela tensions have risen in 2019 thanks to Juan Guaido, leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, became interim president in January, claiming President Nicolas Maduro's 2018 re-election was unconstitutional.

Washington and most Western democracies have acknowledged Guaido as President. The interventionist Trump administration has said it will continue sanctioning President Maduro until he leaves office. President Trump hasn't ruled out war with the country.

President Maduro said in March, "American imperialists want to kill me. We just exposed the plan that the devil's puppet [Juan Guaido] personally directed to kill me," adding that "Assassins and paramilitaries have been recruited using large amounts of money so that they can be sent to Colombia to receive training."

In February, President Maduro told journalist Jordi Évole in a television interview, that President Trump is making "mistakes that will leave his hands covered in blood and will leave his presidency stained with blood." He said: "Why would you want a repeat of Vietnam?"