Judge Tosses 'Meritless' DNC Lawsuit Against Trump, Russia, Assange, WikiLeaks And The Kitchen Sink

A federal judge has tossed out a lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee against a laundry list of defendants they blamed for a conspiracy to 'steal' the 2016 US election from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

DNC Chair Tom Perez

Defendants included the Russian Federation, the Trump Campaign, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, George Papadopoulos, Richard Gates, Roger Stone, Joseph Mifsud, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and several Russians. 

In his Tuesday afternoon order, judge John G. Koeltl of the Southern District of New York ruled that the DNC's 14 claims against the defendants were "either moot or without merit." 

Among other things: 

  • The DNC's RICO conspiracy claim was tossed for failing to prove an  alleged pattern of racketeering activity. 
  • The DNC's claims against the Russian Federation were barred, with Judge Koeltl ruling that "Relief from the alleged activities of the Russian Federation should be sought from the political branches of the Government and not from the courts.
  • The DNC's allegation that the defendants distributed hacked materials under the Wiretap Act was dismissed.
  • The DNC failed to state a claim for trade secret misappropriation pertaining to documents published by WikiLeaks
  • The DNC's "claims for conspiracy to commit trespass to chattels" was dismissed, as they had "not alleged plausibly that any of the other defendants participated in the theft or agreed to help steal the DNC's materials."

Mueller report

Following the April release of the Mueller report, lawyers for most of the defendants asked the court to penalize the DNC for alleging a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia - arguing that Mueller's findings revealed the "doomed effort to prove a falsehood." 

"The assumption, of course, was that the Special Counsel would substantiate the DNC’s claims," wrote lawyers for the Trump campaign. "Suffice it to say, that assumption did not pan out." 

The campaign’s lawyers said the report “debunks any such conclusion by walking through the vast body of evidence that his Office collected and establishing that none of this evidence showed that the Campaign formed any sort of agreement with Russia.”

They said the report shows the DNC can never prove its key allegations, “yet has refused to accept this reality.”

“The DNC has thus made clear that it wants to proceed with a politically motivated sham case, tying up the resources of this Court and the Campaign — and inevitably burdening the President himself — all in a doomed effort to prove a falsehood,” the lawyers wrote.

The lawyers included exhibits with their filing showing that Trump campaign attorney Michael Carvin sent the DNC a May 13 letter demanding that it dismiss all of its claims against the campaign within three weeks or he’d seek sanctions. -AP