Popular Chinese Blogger Caught Using Face-Altering-Software To Appear Much Younger

The secret is out for a Chinese blogger who called herself "Your Highness Qiao Biluo", according to the BBC.

The blogger, who had presented herself as a "young" and "glamorous" girl in videos online, is actually just an average middle aged woman. A technical glitch during one of her livestreams revealed the truth. 

It stunned her fans, who were apparently unaware that everyone on the internet may not actually be who they present themselves to be.

Biluo had a follow count of over 100,000 on Douyu and is now believed to have used a filter to alter her face. She had been renowned for her "sweet and healing voice". China's Global Times noted that Biluo had been "worshipped" as a "cute goddess" by some members of her audience. Some followers even sent her as much as $14,000.

Biluo's real face on the left, altered face on the right

But during a joint live stream with another user, the filter she was using stopped working and her real face became visible to her viewers. She only noticed the glitch when "people who had signed up to her VIP access room started exiting en masse," according to the article. 

Many of her followers (who, surprise, were primarily men) stopped following her immediately and withdrew some of their transactions after her identity was revealed. Most commentators didn't sympathize with the men and said they deserved to be tricked for not verifying her identity in the first place. 

Since the incident, Biluo has suspended her platform. Some users claimed she was conning people out of their money, while others asked people not to judge her because of her looks. The other live-streamer, Qingzi, showed no reaction to Biluo's face being revealed.

The story has gone viral in China, with more than 600 million people reading posts about it. China has 425 million live streamers and the use of face filters is "common" across many social media platforms. 

Users on YouTube captured the footage: