"Stay Out Of Jail As Much As Possible": John McAfee Presents His 4 Rules For Life

John MacAfee might be hiding from the CIA in an 'ultra-secure facility' somewhere, but that hasn't stopped the crypto pioneer and perennial black ops target from maintaining a robust social media presence. Indeed, McAfee's commitment to his followers has made his feed a great source for non-stop entertainment, even if he's no longer allowed to pitch ICOs.

And in one recent tweet, the former security software pioneer-turned-cryptolibertarian-renegade distilled his advice for young men (who, apparently, frequently approach him for life advice) into a list of four simple virtues.

If we could add one more rule to the list for men, it would probably be never publicly promise to eat your own genitals on live television if one of your long-term BTC price calls doesn't pan out.

Of course, from what we can tell, McAfee has already broken at least three of his own rules. But one can't say that he hasn't always followed his heart, even if it has at times led him into some pretty hairy situations (like being accused of murdering a neighbor by police in Belize).

For better or worse, McAfee's list was a hit. And at the urging of several Twitter users who griped about the injustice of McAfee withholding his advice for young women, the IRS's public enemy No. 1 followed up his initial tweet with a similar set of principles directed at young women.

McAfee's twitter feed is a constant source of entertainment for the more than 1 million users (or however many of them are human, at least) who follow him. But he's been outdoing himself lately, from his comments about slavery and sex trafficking delivered in honor of International Human Trafficking Day (we're all slaves to the system)...

...to his gripe with the media's characterization of some of his recent activities (just because he was tweeting from his own personal Faraday Cage, doesn't mean he was "holed up" in a homemade bunker).

The anti-virus software company founder and crypto pioneer was clearly pleased with the reactions to his tweet.

And indeed, it elicited some hilarious replies, including this one from O'Shaughnessy Asset Management founder Jim O'Shaughnessy...

...and a few others who sought to analyze McAfee's words.

And in case you were wondering: If in the process of following your heart, you come to break one or more of the other rules, well, following your heart supersedes all the rest.