Explosion Rips Through Danish Tax Office

In a bizarre incident that has left the police with no leads, an explosion ripped through Denmark's national tax agency late Tuesday. Though nobody was seriously injured (one passerby was hit by flying degree and sustained minor injuries), Danish police are baffled why anybody would want to destroy the tax agency in a country that boasts one of the heaviest tax rates in the OECD.

Tax revenue made up 45% of Danish gross domestic product in 2018, with most of the money going to finance the country's "prized" welfare state, including free education and healthcare for all. Most polls show an overwhelming majority of Danes are happy with the status quo, and content to pay to support the system, according to Bloomberg.

But in elections two months back, a center-right coalition that had campaigned on reducing taxes lost out to a center-left coalition that promised even more public spending.

Images of the building, which is situated in the east of the capital Copenhagen, show the front was largely blown out. It's unclear how long it will take to clean up the mess and repair the building.

Chief inspector Jorgen Bergen Skov said police were treating the incident as a criminal act, but added that there was no indication that it was an act of terrorism. He called the attack "insane", and added that "the staff at the tax agency fight hard to make sure that our welfare system works, and they make sure that we all contribute what we owe to keep everything in balance."

"This is not merely a prank," Bodskov added. "It’s a very, very violent explosion. Someone is behind this." He encouraged any witnesses to come forward.