These Are The Worst Countries In Europe For Traffic Fatalities

Even though the European Union is proving successful in reducing its road deaths, 25,000 people were still killed in road traffic accidents across all 28 Member States in 2018.

As Statista's Niall McCarthy points out, that equates to 49 road deaths per million inhabitants, a one percent increase on 2017, according to the European Commission.

Infographic: The Worst Countries In Europe For Traffic Fatalities  | Statista

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Countries in Eastern Europe continue to have the highest death rate and in 2018, Romania had 96 deaths per million of its inhabitants, the highest rate of any EU Member State. Bulgaria and Latvia followed with 88 and 78 respectively.

The United Kingdom had the fewest road deaths per million inhabitants in 2018 with just 28 by comparison. Denmark had the second-lowest with 30 while Ireland had the third lowest with 31.