Despite "Really Beautiful Letter" To Trump, North Korea's Kim Test-Fires Missiles Again

Just hours after President Trump expressed optimism about future nuclear talks, citing another letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Fox News reports that a US official confirms North Korea fired off multiple short-range missiles.

Kim has sent Mr. Trump a number of letters and the two have projected a warm personal relationship. But talks have remained stalled, and North Korea continues to conduct missile tests, which Mr. Trump has played down.

“I think we’ll have another meeting,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “He really wrote a beautiful, three-page - I mean, right from top to bottom - a really beautiful letter.”

Source: Bloomberg

But, that patience may well be tested tonight as Fox News' Lucas Tomlinson reports that, for the fifth time in two weeks, North Korea has tested an increasingly sophisticated, hard-to-track missile system that could wipe out South Korean and Japanese cities -- not to mention U.S. forces based in both countries.

"U.S. official confirms North Korea fired off multiple short-range missiles. It’s not immediately clear how many missiles were fired from North Korea’s east coast into Sea of Japan (East Sea).

5th missile test by North Korean forces in past two weeks."

As Bloomberg reports, the president and his team contend that diplomacy with North Korea remains on track, thanks in part to his personal rapport with Kim, claiming that the North Korean leader has kept his word by holding off from testing a nuclear weapon or launching longer-range missiles capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

National Security Advisor John Bolton said this week: “The president’s watching this very, very carefully.”