DNC Deepfakes Its Own Chairman In Ongoing Public Awareness Campaign

In the latest warning from Democrats over so-called deepfake videos (which quite frankly is strange considering the state of the technology and the fact that it's easily detectable), DNC Chairman Tom Perez appeared in a video at the DEF CON hacking conference in which he "came on screen and apologized for not being in attendance — except that he'd said no such thing," according to CNN, which provided nothing more than a still photograph of the incident so we can't see how obviously fake it looked.

"With the cooperation of the DNC's chief security officer Bob Lord, experts in artificial intelligence had altered Perez's facial expressions to make it appear as if he was apologizing. Then they'd used Lord's voice to put the words in Perez's fake mouth," according to the report. 

Speaking in Vegas, Lord told CNN Business that the Perez deepfake was a demonstration to warn about what could possibly happen in 2020. Lord is a former tech executive who was hired by the DNC as part of an overhaul of its cyber security after it was hacked in 2016. Experts, lawmakers and the intelligence community have all said deepfakes could pose a threat to national security and may be used as part of disinformation campaigns targeting the United States. -CNN

In July, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) sounded the alarm over deepfakes - sending letters to Facebook, Google and Twitter to ask how they plan to deal with deepfakes going into the 2020 election. 

"Social media companies and platforms have taken a variety of actions since 2016 to address disinformation campaigns, but I am concerned they remain unprepared and vulnerable to sophisticated and determined adversaries," reads Schiff's letter, which asks if the companies have written policies on deepfake content, and whether they're researching ways to combat it. 

So in the future, when a Democratic presidential candidate passes out, makes racist comments, or does God knows whatever else they're preparing us for during the next face-off, expect them to blame it on technology.