Joe Biden's Latest Gaffe: "Poor Kids Are Just As Bright & Talented As White Kids"

Since announcing his campaign earlier this year, Joe Biden has been plagued by a seemingly unceasing parade of gaffes, from his embarrassing debate sign-off, to his praise of segregationist senators to his unwillingness to change his 'tactile' behavior despite all of the backlash he has acrued in the #MeToo era.

To that list, we can add Biden's latest masterpiece: During a speech to minority voters in Iowa, the former vice president said that in Iowa "poor kids" are just as bright as "white kids".

Here's the money quote:

"We should challenge students in these schools that have advanced placement programs in these schools," Biden said. "We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids."

After a brief pause, he added: "Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids, no I really mean it, but think how we think about it.”

Trump quickly posted a clip of the incident on his 'Trump War Room Twitter Account"

Meanwhile other remark from his past are coming to light, including when Biden said in 2008 that Obama was "the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy."

This isn't the only embarrassing Biden gaffe this week. He once again referred to former Prime Minister Theresa May as Margarete Thatcher.

We're sure there will be plenty more where that came from...