Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas On Protesters In 10th Week Of Demonstrations

Hong Kong has fallen into violence amid the 10th straight week of protests, as police fire tear gas on thousands of demonstrators donning yellow helmets and black clothing. 

Protesters throw back tear gas fired by the police in Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong Sunday. Photo: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images

Flash mob-style protesters broke off from an earlier approved demonstration, causing police to deploy crowd control measures, according to SCMP

Live feed: 

In Causeway Bay, an approved rally at Victoria Park earlier morphed into an illegal march, with anti-government protesters engaging in a stand-off with police in Wan Chai, while in Sham Shui Po, clashes at a police station result in the first tear gas rounds of the day. Meanwhile, in North Point, tensions run high with the local community bracing for confrontations with protesters, while at the airport a third day of a sit-in is under way. 

Locations where rounds of tear gas have rained down on protesters are: Sham Shui Po, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui and within Kwai Fong MTR station in Kwai Chung. -SCMP

The protests were sparked by outrage over a controversial extradition bill which would have allowed suspects to be transferred to mainland China to face trial. In response, the government shelved the bill - however much like France's Yellow Vest movement, Hong Kong's demonstrators have expanded their cause into a general anti-government protest despite Beijing's dire warnings that a nearby military contingent will use deadlier measures to control the situation. 

Protesters flooded various Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stations on Sunday, some of whom were met with tear gas. 

Meanwhile, activist Ventus Lau Wing-hong, who organized two anti-government rallies last month, had his home vandalized and received what he says was a death threat. 

Three days of demonstrations at the Hong Kong International Airport are winding down, as protesters gathered in the halls on Friday to try and explain what's going on to foreigners - passing out handmade postcards and stickers.