Elizabeth Warren Takes The Lead In Online Betting Markets

After a handful of strong debate performances, coupled with the doddering, gaffe-prone antics of de facto front-runner Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is for the first time leading the massive pool of Democratic 2020 primary contenders in the online betting market PredictIt.

Source: PredictIt

Warren has been the biggest gainer following the first two Democratic debates, while other frontrunners like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have seen their numbers drop.

Polling aggregations from Real Clear Politics show a similar trend.

Warren's biggest rival for the mantle of progressive leader, Bernie Sanders, has also seen his popularity slide. Of course, with six months to go until the Iowa Caucus, the official start of primary season, there's plenty of time to change.

We imagine President Trump, who loves to bash Warren - or "Pocahontas", as he's fond of calling her due to her supposed native American heritage, will be thrilled at the prospect of facing off against a Warren, a candidate whom Trump claims would be among the easiest dems to beat in the primary.