"I'm Not Crazy!": Naked Burglary Suspect Detained After Getting Stuck In Neighbor's Chimney

A naked burglary suspect was pulled out of the chimney of a home near Culver City, California on Sunday morning, according to KTLA 5.

The incident started around 7:40 in the morning on Sunday after a woman ran into a "nude intruder" inside of her home. The woman’s husband then confronted the individual, who reportedly ran away after an argument.

Police were notified and were searching for the suspect when the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department got a call 40 minutes later about a naked man stuck in a chimney in a neighboring town.

Los Angeles county firefighters then responded to the scene to help the suspect free. He was promptly arrested on suspicion of burglary. The suspect was caught on video claiming that somebody had laced his drink with drugs the night before.

He can be heard saying:

“They laced me last night. They laced my drink. I would never run around in front of everybody buck naked. I’m not crazy!”