A Trailer Full Of Burnt Teslas Found Mysteriously Parked On I-80 In Nevada

A transport trailer full of "burned up" Teslas was mysteriously spotted, parked, between Carlin and Elko, Nevada, on I-80 yesterday, about 285 miles east of Tesla's Gigafactory, which is located in Sparks, NV, near Reno. 

Photo source: Matt Essig

While the cause of the fire officially remains a mystery, some have speculated that it may have been caused by the brakes on the transport trailer catching fire. 

Others have done their own sleuthwork, noting that the tires on the side of the trailer appeared to be in tact:

And as is often the case with FinTwit, there was no lack of skepticism and snark to go around.

We will keep a close eye on the story for any updates.