Rare Footage Captures MiG Tactical Drills In The Lower Stratosphere

A new cockpit video taken midflight on a Russian MiG-31MB features a stunning view of the Earth that clearly shows its curvature (sorry, flat earthers), RT reports.

But not only that: the video, which was taken during a drill over the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East, shows one of the MiG's intercepting another jet playing the role of intruder. The two fighter jets essentially staged a mock dog fight at 12.4 miles, marking the first military drill carried out in the Earth's stratosphere.

The drill took place over the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East. One of the MiG-31s played the role of an intruder that violated the country’s airspace at maximum speed and altitude, while another MiG-31 jet took off to intercept it.To make the drill more difficult, the intercepting jet had to locate the attacking jet without any help from ground control.

Video showing some of the encounter was released by the Zvezda TV channel on Monday. Most of the video focuses on the jet's ascent to 20km, while traveling at a speed of 2,500kph. Plus, the view of the Earth is particularly breathtaking.

Watch below: