Frank Giustra - Billionaire Investor says Biggest Gold Bull Market of All Time Starting Now

Frank discusses his early career with Yorkton Securities and how he moved up while that company expanded into Europe. In 1990, he became president and a few years later Chairman and CEO.

In 1996 he resigned since he felt an urge to do something different and in 1997 he founded Lionsgate Entertainment which today is the largest independent film studio.



Frank has started three successful mining companies that took advantage of the various bull markets in gold. He started Wheaton River, Endeavour Financial, and two years ago he began Leagold Mining Corp. which has a focus on mining in Latin America.

His strategy is to utilize his teams M&A skills to acquire other companies and to again develop one of the largest mining companies in the world.

He believes that we are on the third and final phase of the gold boom cycle that started back in 2001, and the next cycle will be the largest of these moves.