The Litmus Test For LGBTQ Power – Schiff Versus She/He

Authored by Sara Cowgill via,

When the earth tilts on its axis a bit too far to the left, Karma and her bitchy sister Justice throw a cocktail party and invite conservatives to indulge in a bit of hope while bearing the extremes the bizarro-world has thrust upon them of late.  In a brash and sassy move this week, Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilperson Maebe A. Girl – yes, that’s her drag queen name and elected office  – has thrown her tiara into the 2020 congressional race with glittery hopes and unicorn dreams of unseating Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from his lofty perch.

I kid you not.  And yes, the party is in full swing.

Maebe A. Girl

From Obscurity To National News

Girl is the first elected trans official in the US and reigns over a respectable 31,603 constituents with a laundry list of other elected coffee shop dwellers – 21 members in all — in the Los Angeles neighborhood.  She first took office in April 2019 but the call to greater heights in ivory halls has prompted her to challenge her own incumbent congressman.  It’s partly because she believes “When we think about politicians, what do we think about? We think about old white guys in suits.”

Admittedly, that does describe Schiff to a tee. Not so much Girl.  She attends campaign functions in multi-colored lace-front wigs, gaily colored pantsuits, high, high heels, and a lot of pancake makeup with winged black eyeliner.  She will stand out on the campaign trail:

“It really took a minute for people to take me seriously, to realize that I’m not doing this as a stunt, I’m not doing this as a statement. I’m doing this to run an election and win it. Maebe A. Girl’ is, yes, it’s my stage name, but it’s also part of my identity and who I am.  I started realizing how much I enjoy being in drag and how, for me, it didn’t feel like a costume. It just felt like a natural extension of myself.”

I for one cannot wait to see Schiff’s “natural extension” of himself in response.  A thinking person would surmise that Schiff really has no competition from the drag queen but let’s review the recent upsets in the Democratic Party:

  • Joseph Crowley (D-NY) who know one remembers since the media’s overselling of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) unprecedented win.

  • Remember Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA)? Yeah, well he was the 10-term incumbent in a high-profile Democratic primary and soundly beaten by political newbie and radical left Ayanna Pressley now holding court in John F. Kennedy’s former district.

  • Oh, and then there is the community activist who hopped to the US Senate and then the presidency forcing a political dynasty to sit out the 2008 presidential race. Yes, Barack Obama smashed Hillary Clinton’s hopes the first time around.

Schiff could be in trouble with this Girl – just not in a #MeToo way.

He’s Okay But…

The drag queen, Girl, does like to express her political views on a range of topics including LA’s homeless and disease pandemic and LGBTQ issues.  Her four-month record is extremely localized – adding a LGBTQI Committee in the LA Neighborhood Council system and worrying about the homeless folks on the streets, advocating they all get HIV tested.  And that’s it.

But she has opinions on Schiff, who she says has done “okay” but is clearly past his due date:

“I strongly disagree with his War Hawk voting record that includes voting for the Iraq War, voting to keep troops in Afghanistan, his support of the Saudi invasion of Yemen (a still ongoing humanitarian crisis), and his votes to increase military spending -which should come as no surprise considering his large political donations from defense contractors and weapons makers.”

And she may just beat the man if the increasing popularity of other America haters – Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — is any indication.  On Girl’s Facebook page she writes: “America disgusts me,” while calling the for the abolishment of Immigration Customs Enforcement.  Schiff could be in trouble.  And it could not happen to a more obnoxious person.

Adam Schiff

And let’s face it, just keeping the stage names straight in his mind could be the first hurdle – Girl also goes by Georgie Pudlo.  So far, the incumbent has not commented on his new opponent, but Girl is commenting on every social media platform and talking to whomever in the leftist legacy media dials up her phone.

She told People Magazine most recently, “We need more everyday people in Congress—its overwhelmingly older, white, wealthy men, and that’s just not representative of America, or my district.”

But without the stage make up and women’s clothes, isn’t Girl, Georgie Pudl, just another white man seeking power in the halls of congress?   Let Karma bring the hors d’oeuvres and holler at Justice to shake up another dirty martini as the show is about to make the conservatives one happily drunk electorate.