Tesla On Autopilot "Suddenly Accelerates", Smashes Into Power Pole, Sparks A Fire, & Causes Thousands To Lose Power

With every passing Tesla Autopilot accident that we hear about, more and more people are narrowly dodging death.

This seems to be the case yet again after an NBC Bay Area report revealed that a Tesla on Autopilot had "suddenly accelerated", according to a witness, and smashed into a power pole, sparking a fire and causing thousands to lose power. 

A witness who has behind the driver, Mike Evon, said the car "suddenly started to accelerate and then lost control".

"She went on top of the curb, hit some trees, there were pieces of the car flying. And she basically kept accelerating until she hit the final pole that stopped her," he said. 

He said the driver told him she was on "automatic pilot" when it happened. 

As a precautionary measure, PG&E had to then shut off power for thousands of people in the area.

But the thousands without power would have been just a small inconvenience had the driver and her "toddler passenger" not escaped the crash, or the subsequent fire, safely.


You can watch a brief 45 second video explaining the crash here

With more and more Teslas on the road being "driven" by more and more people that falsely believe that their vehicles (and Elon Musk) have superpowers, the number of lives being put at risk continues to grow. That’s why we think it is no surprise that the number of accidents involving Teslas - several of which we have reported on this year (here, here, here, and here) – also continue to grow.

And so, we’ve asked before and will ask it again: when is the NHTSA going to do step in and stop this insanity?