Deutsche Bank Says It Has Tax Returns Subpoenaed By Anti-Trump Lawmakers 

Deutsche Bank has confirmed that they are in possession of tax returns requested by US lawmakers probing the finances of President Trump and his family. 

The disclosure was made in a Tuesday filing in response to a question from an appeals court last week, according to Bloomberg, however the names of the individual or individuals in question (probably Trump and his organization) are redacted

According to the report, the appeals panel is mulling a request by Trump to block access to financial records at both Deutsche Bank and Capital One - the latter of which says it does not possess any tax returns applicable to the subpoena. 

 The appllate judges had requested to know if the banks actually have the tax returns. 

Trump, his children Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, and his businesses, sued the banks in April to block them from complying with the demand from lawmakers to turn over the financial information. A federal judge in May rejected that request, and Trump has appealed.

In its filing Tuesday, Deutsche Bank said it has tax returns -- in either draft or as-filed form -- responsive to the subpoenas. The names were redacted. The bank also said it has “such documents related to parties not named in the subpoenas but who may constitute ‘immediate family’ within the definition provided by the subpoenas.” -Bloomberg