Dramatic Video Captures Epic Firefight On The Streets Of Baltimore City

A hail of bullets transformed one Baltimore neighborhood into an utter warzone Wednesday night. There was so much gunfire at one point that not even a single rat was spotted on the streets of East Baltimore City.

Baltimore City Police said in a statement that one suspect is dead, and an officer was injured, following a police-involved shooting late Wednesday night. 

Police identified the suspect as Tyrone Domingo Banks, 30, of Baltimore. Police believe Banks was responsible for another police-involved shooting and high-speed pursuit Tuesday night. 

The 11 News I-Team pulled criminal records on Banks' violent past, including several cases in 2010 where he was accused of assault on a law enforcement officer. Another case in the same year showed he had severe mental health issues that enabled him to claim he was not "not criminally responsible" for the 2010 assault. 

A friend of Banks told I-Team reporters that he wasn't targeting police, saying he had schizophrenia and refused to take his medication. The friend went on to say Banks wanted suicide by police. 

The friend also said Banks was in and out of Spring Grove Hospital because he wasn't a stable person. The friend also said Banks always heard voices in his head. 

The friend said Banks was crazy and thought suicide by police with an epic shootout would be the best way to end his life. 

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said Banks was spotted around 11 pm Wednesday in a silver car in East Baltimore. All police officers in the area were dispatched to Banks' location. 

"We spotted a vehicle believed to the be same vehicle, driven by the same person, who tried to hit one of our officers last night, and then shot at another officer last night," Harrison said. "The person we encountered tonight, we believe, is in fact the person who was driving the vehicle, who was using the same vehicle last night that we encountered tonight."

Harrison said at least ten officers were involved in the shooting. He wasn't sure how many officers fired their weapons. 

Judging by the video below, dozens of shots can be heard between police and Banks -- still not clear on who fired what. During the firefight, Harrison said one officer was shot in the leg. Police cars and surrounding buildings were riddled with bullets after the gunfire subsided. 

Harrison said the suspect was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he died of his injuries. 

None of this should surprise Zerohedge readers, as we have kept our audience well informed about Baltimore's implosion for years.  

Homicides in Baltimore are expected to reach 300 by the end of the year, could be the fifth consecutive year of murders over 300. 

On a per-capita basis, Baltimore's homicide rate is the highest in the country and is on par with a war zone. 

There's not much anyone can do to fix Baltimore in short to medium term. Yes, possibly, a bunch of Trump supporters can pick up trash in desolated neighborhoods, but that's only a cosmetic fix. 

The problem with Baltimore is structural. The city's population has crashed to 100-year lows; it's been deindustrialized, ran by Democrats for decades, and has the worst wealth inequality in the country. 

Baltimore will continue to implode through the early/mid-2020s. 

There's no meaningful policy in place to turn Baltimore around in the next decade. So in the meantime, if you value your life, stay away from Baltimore.