Bahamas Makes "Urgent Plea" To Jet-Ski Owners: Help With Dorian Rescue After "Historic Tragedy"

The government of Bahamas is making a desperate plea to jet ski owners to help with rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, according to Bloomberg

The country's National Emergency Management Agency sent out an "urgent plea" for those who owned jet skis, small boats, trucks and buses to meet at a shopping mall on Grand Bahama in order to organize a post-hurricane rescue effort. Grand Bahama is an island of about 50,000 people in the Northern Bahamas that bore the worst of Hurricane Dorian over the weekend. 

The storm is moving away from the islands currently, albeit slowly. Carrying sustained winds of about 120 miles per hour, the storm itself is only moving at about 1 mile per hour. It was a Category 3 hurricane as of 8AM New York time on Tuesday. 

Video of the storm's devastation continue to surface on social media:

As we reported over the weekend, Hurricane Dorian wrought devastation on the Bahamas Sunday night into Monday morning as it hammered the small Caribbean nation with sustained winds of 180 mph, and some gusts ranging up to 220 mph. The Category 5 storm inflicted massive amounts of property damage and destroying critical components of the Bahamanian infrastructure.

The fate of Florida remained uncertain as the storm continued its slow creep across the Atlantic. As of 3 am Monday morning, the storm was 125 miles away from the state's east coast, Bloomberg reports.

"This is probably the most sad and worst day of my life to address the Bahamian people," Minnis said Sunday evening, crying during a press conference at the headquarters of the National Emergency Management Agency. "This will put us through a test that we’ve never confronted before."