Ron Paul: The Fed Is In The Stock Market And They Don't Want Us To Know The Details

On Tuesday September 3, 2019, former Texas congressman Ron Paul appeared on an episode of the Quoth the Raven podcast to weigh in on the state of equity markets, the media's role in indoctrinating the masses with Keynesian theory, how Tulsi Gabbard "isn't getting a fair shake" and his view on the second amendment.

Here's the former presidential candidate's most recent take things, and the full podcast interview below. 

On The Current State of the Market

When first talking about the state of the Fed and equity markets, Paul unloaded on Central Bankers:

"I think it's historic. I think it's coming to an end and I think we're going to see a real real big bust in the economy because I think until we admit we are bankrupt both financially and morally, there can be no answers."

He also commented that he believes the Fed understands the catastrophic path we are currently on:

"A lot of people know there's problems. Even members of the Federal Reserve I think are much more aware of what's happening than they're willing to admit..."

"...the Fed will get rid of itself, because it's not viable..."

On Gold

Paul also spoke about a breakfast meeting he had with Paul Volcker decades ago, who he said was overtly concerned with the price of gold at the time. Paul said about gold: 

"Gold is real money. Paper money only exists when you can fool the is the ultimate measurement of value. They know that..."

On Helping Main Street Understand Austrian Economics

When asked about how to empower the ordinary citizen with knowledge of Austrian economics, Paul responded:

"It has to be by word of mouth, it has to be through education...because it's ideological. The idea is that the universities are not the answer." 

He continued:

"I can remember it dawning on me as I left college and I got more involved in politics that my job seemed to be unlearning the things I had learned...that's where I think the real progress is made..."

"...students are more likely to quote some socialist professor than they are any of us..." 

On The Media Censoring Tulsi Gabbard

When asked about the media's coverage of his 2008 and 2012 Presidential run, Paul also noted that he thought Tulsi Gabbard was not getting a fair shake. 

"She's not getting a fair shake, but she has to realize that she's in a hornet's nest. She dramatizes how badly the progressive democrats have drifted away..."

"I think she should just put her head down and say what she believes, because she will reach people outside of Democratic circles..."

"I think she has been attacked and mistreated maybe more than I was..."

On Whether Or Not The Fed Is Buying Stocks Or S&P Futures

When asked about whether or not he thought the Fed and Central Banks are currently in the stock market and/or futures market, Dr. Paul responded: 

"...I believe they are. They don't want us to know the details and that's why they don't let the audit go through because you could find out..."

"...The Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets, that's their job, to keep stocks from going down..."

"...they have total control and they're really not monitored..."

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