UK Parliament To Be Suspended Monday Night

Despite a brutal week where he lost multiple consecutive votes and where his own brother decided to abandon his government, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pushing ahead with his plan to prorogue - or suspend - Parliament on Monday, according to the prime minister's official spokesperson.

Irish PM Leo Varadkar meets with Johnson

Before suspending Parliament, Johnson will try to convince lawmakers to grant him a snap election for the second time, though unfortunately for the prime minister, that motion looks set to fail again, after opposition parties on Friday presented a united front, saying they wouldn't support it, according to CNN.

Johnson's plan to prorogue Parliament until Oct.14 has drawn widespread criticism and inspired several legal challenges, though two judges have ruled that Johnson's plan is perfectly legal.

Downing Street also insisted that Johnson wouldn't request an extension of Article 50, with Johnson's spokesman insisting that "if MPs want to resolve this there is an easy way - vote for an election today and let the public decide."

During a press conference earlier on Monday with Irish PM Leo Varadkar, Johnson insisted that he genuinely wanted to secure a Brexit deal before Oct. 31, and added that a no deal Brexit would be a "failure of statecraft for which we would all be responsible."

This prompted some pushback from Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who accused Johnson of pushing for Theresa May's withdrawal agreement.

Though the pound strengthened to its strongest level since July on the deal optimism.

Fortunately for Johnson, Julian Smith and Nicky Morgan said they won't be following Amber Rudd and quitting Johnson's cabinet. As Johnson presses ahead with plans to leave the EU "do or die" by Oct. 31, what comes next remains unclear.