Stocks Are Due to Correct, But a Global Major Meltup is Underway

At this point the market’s strength is truly incredible.


By most measures, stocks are overbought and due to correct. On top of this, there have been hints that the various drivers of the rally (a China/US trade deal, strong earnings, a strong economy) are not as great as originally thought.


And yet stocks are holding up.


At some point the market will work off its overbought nature. Whether it’s by treading water for a time or correcting remains to be seen. But if it doescorrect, the support lines are 3,074 and 3,20 on the S&P 500.



What is truly striking however, is that stocks remain in a major uptrend.



This is a global phenomenon.


The German DAX has broken out of its downtrend and is challenging its all-time highs.



Japan’s Nikkei



Put simply, across the globe markets are signalling that a major bull run is about to begin.


And while nothing goes straight up or straight down, the signs are there that a major meltup is beginning.


So now the question is: how do you profit from this?


With that in mind, we’ve just published an investment report titled Triple Your Money With the Mother of All Bubbles.


It outlines how the market is entering yet another bubble, driven by funny money from the Federal Reserve.


It also outlines a unique investment that could easily triple as the Fed unleashes a tsunami of liquidity pushing stocks to nosebleed levels.


The last time the Fed began an easing cycle, this investment rose over 1,439%. And this time around we could see similar gains.


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Graham Summers

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Phoenix Capital Research