Compulsive Gambler Turns Around And Sues Casino For "Letting Him" Lose $260,000

It's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him...

Tarwinder Shokar is taking an unorthodox step after getting cleaned out on a gambling binge. After losing about $260,000 US, Shokar has now turned around and sued the Caesars Windsor Resort And Casino as well as the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission for his losses - plus about $381,000 in punitive damages, according to Newsweek.

The case was filed around the time the gambling took place and has been recently transferred to the Superior Court of Justice in Windsor.

Shokar's lawyer Iain MacKinnon said: "Our position is he was a compulsive gambler and the casino and/or the OLG were either well aware of his past background—or should have been."

Shortly prior to his binge, Shokar apparently attempted suicide by throwing himself in front of a bus after losing all of his money at a different casino. Ironically, he survived the accident and actually wound up collecting a large insurance payout as a result of his injuries. He then took the insurance money and lost that all, too.

Shokar reportedly had fraud convictions and had been banned from a number of other casinos due to his behavior. A travel agency was said to then recommend Caesars Windsor, who Shokar claims knew that he was there to spend a large amount of money, and who treated him to VIP treatment, including plying him with alcohol.

His first visit on October 17, 2013 resulted in him losing about $70,000 US. On his next visit, he racked up losses of about $190,000 US. The lawsuit says the casino should have known that he had a gambling problem, but instead chose to "take advantage of him".

Which is precisely the line of business that casinos are in...