SILVER VS GOLD Bullion Ahead of the Next Bull Market Mania Phase

What if we had the opportunity to buy gold bullion today at around $800 fiat Federal Reserve notes per troy oz, with the lone caveat being that we could not cash in nor lay our greasy hands on that gold bullion for about a decade of time from now?

Who among us would be willing to lock in such future savings on gold bullion today knowing the patience and time required in awaiting the eventual payoff?

Perhaps by buying silver bullion today, some long term bullion investors can execute such a silver for gold arbitrage to come.

Before we get into details at the 9-minute mark, we explain why the CME Group's CBIP manipulation continuation may prolong the battles but will lose the war to bullion ultimately. Palladium record price runaways and palladium bullion shortages are proving this London Gold Pool 2.0's days are indeed numbered. 

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SILVER vs GOLD Article for the 2020s, 2030s ^