A Simple Life Hack: Re-think How You Answer the Question, “What Do You Do?” for Much Higher Rates of Engagement

life hack to answer the question, what do you do?


The next time someone asks, “What do you do?” don’t answer by your occupation, but answer with the reason why you decided to do what you do. In other words, if you decided to become a martial arts instructor because you wanted to help young children become more self-confident, then answer, “I help young children become more confident in themselves” and when someone asks you to clarify how you do that, then you can explain that you teach children martial arts and explain why martial arts philosophy builds a strong sense of self in young adults. If you are a baker, instead of answering, “I’m a baker”, answer, “I put smiles on people’s faces.” 


Too often, we answer the question of “What Do You Do?” with a bland, boring answer that reveals nothing unique about us, unless you may happen to have a unique job, such as a professional rock climber or surfer. As well, since every one of us should think of ourselves as a much greater, complex person than someone who can easily be defined by our occupation, we should make the effort to answer this question with more thoughtfulness and complexity, in a manner that much better suits us and describes our personality. Answering the question of “What Do You Do” with a one-word occupational answer like doctor, accountant, engineer, receptionist, customer service representative, and so on, is never going to inspire anyone to want to learn more about you.


When someone asks me what I do, I used to tell people that I am the Managing Director of a coming 20-course online wealth and education academy called skwealthacademy. However, once I realized how bland of a response this was, I re-engineered my answer to this ubiquitous question to ensure my response would stand out from the normal response that people were used to hearing. When asked the same question now, I tell people that I help people find meaning in their lives by reconstructing the manner in which they think. This is the true purpose of why I founded skwealthacademy, and in addition, an infinitely better answer that inspires a much higher rate of curiosity and engagement.


You don’t want to vomit an essay that provides every detail of your mission in life to someone that asks, “What do you do?” or you’ll find that people will walk away from you after one minute has passed. So, work and refine the above answer until it is one that you know by heart and one that you can recite in ten seconds or less. I guarantee that if you re-engineer your answer to this question to describe more personal reasons that motivate you and push you to excel at your job, versus merely providing a tagline of your occupational title as everyone else does, that your answer will spark the interest of the person who asked this question and will result in far more engaging and interesting conversations than you’ve ever had before in response to this simple question.


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