Coronavirus Is Being Blamed On "Bat Soup" Being Eaten By Wuhan Locals

In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, the "delicacy" known as bat soup - which is exactly what it sounds like and is a favorite in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus started - is being blamed for the country's deadly outbreak. 

The outbreak has, so far, killed 17 people.

Experts have suggested that bats could be hosting the virus and have admitted in a recent China Science Bulletin paper that the virus has been "underestimated" by the research community. 

Scientists had previously said that there was an "unknown intermediate" between bats and humans that could have transmitted the virus, according to the Daily Star. That was, until photographs surfaced of Wuhan locals eating the soup. The soup is called "unusual", but also a "widely consumed Chinese delicacy".

We must have different definitions of "delicacy". 

Footage of people eating the soup made its rounds on social media this week. One clip shows a girl putting a black bat into her mouth with a pair of chopsticks. A second resident took a photo of their dead bat "grinning at the camera" before eating it. 

We reported just hours ago that China was in the process of quarantining several of its cities, while Hong Kong had joined the list of global geographies to report a case of the virus. 

The most recent update on the virus from the World Health Organization can be seen here: